Renton Community Development Trust


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February 21, 2014

Carman Centre

“Renton Community Development Trust which operates the Carman Centre has seen it’s income slashed by […]

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September 5, 2013

Job Opportunity

  JOB TITLE:       Project Co-ordinator (Community responses to Inter Christian Sectarianism) Full time 37.5 […]

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The Local Economy

  • Provide a local economic development service
  • Provide a range of quality, client sensitive, enterprise and employment services for local people
  • Encourage the creation and expansion of democratically controlled enterprises
  • Support/stimulate/strengthen the local economy


  • Create jobs for local people
  • Guide local people into employment, training and learning opportunities
  • Help people to become active in the local economy
  • Provide access to learning and training which increases people’s qualification levels and responsibility
  • Run a locally valued social enterprise


  • Provide services to local community groups and associations
  • Support and benefit the local community
  • Provide resources to strengthen/develop the capacity of groups and individuals
  • Assist and empower community and voluntary groups in Renton
  • Strengthen the capacity of local people and their organisations to initiate and develop programmes and engage more forcefully in community affairs
  • Work with young people to tackle the problems they face and become more active in community affairs
  • Empower a wide range of young people to participate in and contribute to their community (as volunteers) in a positive and meaningful way
  • Operate in a way that empowers and encourages young people to become actively involved in the management of the project
  • Promote the inclusion of all groups
  • Provide a wide range of high quality volunteering and student placement opportunities
  • Promote/encourage volunteering
  • Identify and respond to health needs in the community


  • Play an active part in community regeneration
  • Work in partnership with other organisations and agencies (to maximise impact and prevent duplication)
  • Work in collaboration with partners and other service providers

  • Adopt environmentally friendly practices
  • Operate good environmental practices in running our business
  • Work in ways that respect the environment/are environmentally sensitive
  • Minimise our (negative) impact on the environment
Research, influence and Image:

  • Influence local, regional, national and international policy and practices in affairs which affect Renton
  • Influence and inform decision-makers about issues and policies that affect Renton
  • Undertake research to identify best practice and disseminate it within the target areas and beyond
  • Act as a focus for local development and improvement of services…
  • Promote a more positive image of Renton
  • Operate on democratic principles and practices
  • Empower the local community through the membership owning and managing assets and facilities
  • Be an open, democratic community-owned organisation
  • Be a good employer and manage human resources efficiently
  • Provide a good working environment
  • Be a responsible and considerate employer
  • Be a good and caring manager of the organisation’s human resources
  • Be a fair, progressive and good employer, encouraging learning and understanding to increase potential within the working environment
  • Promote satisfying employment and good working conditions for members of the enterprise/co-operative
  • Create a culture based on a fair and empowering working environment for employees
  • Enable parents/guardians to return to work and study…
  • Provide a range of quality, affordable community child-care services
  • Maintain a sustainable community building
  • Provide a community café which acts as a focal point for local people and has an emphasis on affordable healthy food
  • Maintain and develop RCDT as a sustainable organisation
  • Make RCDT a long-term sustainable organisation
  • Achieve financial security and independence
  • Ensure that the company develops in a way which is fit-for-purpose, high quality, dynamic and financially sound
  • Run an economically viable social enterprise