Carman Centre

“Renton Community Development Trust which operates the Carman Centre has seen it’s income slashed by around £140,000 in the last year.  The largest cut was from the Council totalling around £116,000 for housing support services, one stop shop services and the breakfast club service for primary school children in Renton.  Cordale Housing Association also cut funding by £10,000 per annum plus there were additional costs to RCDT of approx £11,000 to sack a former employee for gross misconduct. In January 2014, RCDT invited The Development Trust Association of Scotland to deliver an independent business health check for the organisation which reiterated the dire financial situation RCDT found themselves in. It was highlighted that if RCDT continue to deliver services in the same way as in previous years over two centres then they were in grave danger of trading when insolvent.

RCDT have looked at raising finance via the John Connolly centre but due to the 25 year claw back agreement with WDC are unable to  do so, we also recently received a refusal from the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund a £50,000 internal redevelopment to the Carman Centre which would have seen some diversification of services which could be delivered from this venue.

RCDT have applied to WDC to transfer the building into RCDT’s ownership which will allow RCDT to apply for a Growing Communities Assets grant or to raise finance against the building or to re-mortgage the facility allowing them to lever in some much needed money; we currently await their response. If this building is transferred it will allow RCDT to potentially deliver on two business proposals which if successful will see a day care service designed specifically for young people with disabilities and a community resource centre for people throughout West Dunbartonshire.

As it currently stands we are in a thirty day consultation period with our staff and the users of the Carman Centre, directors met with user groups last night (20/02/14), where it was highlighted that RCDT have no desire to close The Carman Centre but cannot continue to fund the running costs of approximately £25,000-£46,000 per annum dependent on what services are delivered.

No final decisions have been made yet as the situation is very fluid, the Board of RCDT will meet after the 30 day consultation period where they will discuss feedback gained from groups, the local Authority, Cordale Housing Association and decide on how best to continue to deliver services for the people of Renton.

Job Opportunity


JOB TITLE:       Project Co-ordinator (Community responses to Inter Christian Sectarianism) Full time 37.5 hrs per week

We currently have an opportunity for  a new member of staff  to head up our new anti-sectarian project. 

RCDT will set out a project, both to build the capacity of the community and generate an organised response to challenging sectarianism across communities in West Dunbartonshire. The project will build partnerships with community, voluntary agencies and public bodies already identified through previous community research.  

The publishing of national statistics ‘Religiously Aggravated Offending in Scotland 2011-12’,  exposed a 100%+ increase in inter Christian religious motivated crimes in West Dunbartonshire. 

These figures revealed that West Dunbartonshire had the most prosecuted incidents of religious hate crimes outside the City of Glasgow.  It is clear from these figures that sectarianism is hiding in clear view within communities across West Dunbartonshire.

This is not to say members of different Christian denominations across West Dunbartonshire seek to live in their own communities indeed the majority work, socialise and form lasting friendship together.  Despite this positive aspect, work carried out by RCDT identified that sectarianism was used as a tool to stereotype sections of the community who were described in derogatory terms, which were expressed openly in public. So called (banter) was used to describe individuals, families and even certain areas of the community as alien (not belonging).

If you feel that this is a job opportunity that is of interest to you and you would like to apply please contact Jackie Neeson @ the Carman Centre 175 Main Street Renton G82 4PF or alternatively on and she will send you out an application pack 

International Brigade Remembrance

Union representatives, councillors and members of the general public came together to remember the men and women who fought Franco in Spain at the war memorial dedicated to them in Renton. There was an increase in attendance this year and it is hoped that the crowd increases year on year in remembrance of these Heroes.




We currently have volunteering positions available in:

The Carman Centres lunch club.

The Carman Centres junior youth club on a Thursday evening.

At MA centre with the senior youth club on a Thursday evening


Working alongside Drew on the anti-sectarian project.

If you are interested in any of these volunteering positions please contact Jackie on 01389 710261

Anti-Sectarian Project

We have been successful in our bid to work alongside the Scottish Government and the Voluntary Action Fund on a project which has been designed to research levels of sectarian incidents, awareness and perceptions within communities. RCDT are looking for anyone interested in this subject to contact us and become involved in this project.

Only a few tickets left!!!

Saturday 7th April playing in MA Centre Marmalade plus the Driftars hurry along to Carman Centre to get your ticket for this great night also appearing Hugh Ferguson also known as Tony West. Contact Jackie on 01389 710261.

Maintenance Opportunities

Thank-you to everyone who submitted an application form for the new positions within  RCDT in our maintenance department, the level of applicant was excellent. We intend to run a rolling programme of employment which will involve employing additional staff  members as we confirm and hopefully increase the number of contracts we deliver.

If you missed the first  intake of staff and wish to be considered for the next intake, please call into The Carman Centre 175 Main Street Renton G82 4PF and ask Jackie for an application form.


Thanks Again


Maintenance Opportunities

Interested in a career in grounds maintenance, RCDT are proud to announce the establishment of a grounds maintenance department.

If you are interested in further information or wish to be sent an application pack please contact Jackie on 01389 710261

Carman Centre

As a rule I never respond to rumours or gossip because as most of you know only too well this would be a full time job in itself; but on this occasion I feel that it is important that I address one of the latest rumours as it is causing distress to some of the people who use our facilities.

Firstly can I completely dismiss the myth that the Carman Centre is closing, this was a rumour started by some, maybe one individual that has grown arms and legs and is utter nonsense. I understand that one of the reasons for this rumour having any credence is partly due to service provision changing in the centre, this is  due to the space now open to us through the refurbishment of MA Centre  allowing certain groups, classes and services to move to a more suitable premise.

The breakfast club has been moved to MA Centre due to it having a large games hall, pool tables, music system and larger toilets this is all more conducive to young people enjoying a breakfast then activities. Another area of the business which we are in consultation to relocate is the lunch club, the lunch club which is currently held in the Carman Centre provides support and a three course meal for the people of Renton and the wider communities of Alexandria and Dumbarton. We are in a very fortunate position that Carman also run services in Waterside View which is a 40 apartment extra care facility owned by Cordale Housing Association. This facility is one of, if not the best extra care facilities in the UK with large flats suitable for two people and expansive communal areas, it is in these communal areas that we are proposing to situate the lunch club, specifically in the cafe area. The idea for this move came about after an event was arranged in Waterside where tenants from the building and the lunch club members came together to say goodbye to a former member of staff, the feedback we received was that it would be nice if the two groups could come together more regularly. It is important to highlight however that at this time we have still got work and consultation to do with the tenants from both Waterside and the lunch club before any decision is taken.

The Carman centre will retain it offices, library, and cafe for the school children and the general public, in fact we intend to start a toddlers group in the very near future in the library area, so if this is of interest please pop in and see Jackie. We are in the latter stages of negotiations to buy the former Renton EEC from WDC and to re-open it hopefully with an increased provision and we are in talks about the development of a windfarm which will see a large financial return to Renton for years to come.

One last thing; please and I cannot emphasise this enough, if you wish to know something about RCDT, The Carman Centre or any other areas of the business come in and see us, starting and spreading rumours may seem fun for some people but this one especially has led to many people becoming anxious and stressed.