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February 21, 2014

Carman Centre

“Renton Community Development Trust which operates the Carman Centre has seen it’s income slashed by […]

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September 5, 2013

Job Opportunity

  JOB TITLE:       Project Co-ordinator (Community responses to Inter Christian Sectarianism) Full time 37.5 […]

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The Renton Community Development Trust (the Trust) was established in 2004 to further develop the regeneration progress already being made in the village of Renton and to look at ways of developing the skills that exist in the community to ensure its long-term sustainability and viability. The Trust is the result of an independent survey, commissioned by Cordale Housing Association to look at issues which villagers felt still needed to be tackled. This survey showed that we had brilliant delivery mechanisms through both Cordale housing and the Carman Centre but that there were concerns about drugs and alcohol abuse The one element which it was felt was missing was a means of sustaining what we had achieved and the ability to keep people interested, thus the Trust was established

RCDT’s Purpose:

The Trust is responsible for looking at ways of getting more people involved We want to move away from grant dependency and encourage enterprise and community involvement within the village. The Trust’s role is to do things “with” people to find solutions rather than doing things “for” people One of the Trust’s main priorities is to identify local people who can take our solutions forward.

 Recent Developments:

The biggest change to date for the trust came in 2009 when directors from both the Trust and the Carman social economy business decided that due to commercial reasons and development opportunities that both companies should merge This resulted in one charitable organisation under the trust trade mark.